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Reasons to buy Flexi-Border®

Our Smart Garden Edging is a fast and easy way to give your garden a stylish border with natural shapes.

It is fast and easy to install anywhere in your garden or driveway without any digging !!!

Made from recycled materials Flexi-Border® is a perfect idea for ecological gardeners.

Recycled rubber tyres used to create Flexi-Border® make the border Eco-Friendly, Durable, Long Lasting and completely Weatherproof.

The Soft and Flexible design of the edge offers a safe solution for garden with children.

Flexi-Border® The Good Friend for Your Lawnmower !!!

It allows you to mow right up to the edge without the risk of damaging the tools

and you do not need to trim again !!!


Shape your garden to your imagination with Flexi-Border®

Flexi-Border®How to install

assembly tips

Safety goggles and gloves should be worn when cutting Flexi-Borders.

Cutting FlexiBorder®

how to cut

If a cut is needed, cut with a handsaw, hacksaw, or electric saw.

Mitre Box Flexi-Border®

any angle

Use a mitre box for a more accurate cut. Square corners may be mitre cut just like moulding; with a 45 degree cut at the end of each piece

Flexi-Border®Join trimmed ends

use glue

simply use "super glue"

to join cut ends together

Securing FlexiBorder®

use securing pegs


Flexi-Border needs to be secured by using pegs included in the pack. Use only oryginal pegs and

side joining pins for strong and easy installation.

black grey brown terracotta

Flexi-Border® is available in four colours to match every style.

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